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UPP Scotland is one of the founding hubs of UPP and has been involved in a variety of projects since UPP began.   Most of UPP’s Scottish Projects have been based in Glasgow, however we’ve also found ourselves further afield, including Edinburgh and Dumfries.

Glasgow is a city with a colourful history and a strong identity – not to mention a strong accent!  Less well-to-do than it’s East Coast sister, Edinburgh, Glasgow is a gritty place which has known some hard times but you can never fault her sense of hospitality and creativity.  Her people are no-different.  UPP Scotland has made it’s home in Govan and Cardonald, a community which have strong connections to Glasgow’s ship-building tradition.  Now that this industry is gone, communities face a challenging future but they remain places of solidarity, diversity and a thick sense of humour.

At present we have 3 projects based in Glasgow.  These are:

UPP’s Spring projects, based in Cardonald and Shettleston, are funded by Awards for All. We are very grateful for their support which allows us to deliver these projects.