Current Projects

2012 was a busy year for UPP and we achieved a lot, learned a lot and exhausted ourselves in the process! In 2013 we’ll be taking things a little slower but there’s still plenty going on.

GUPP Strikes Back!

UPP’s Guatemalan contingent is back for another round – but this time linking up 2 schools in the same region: 1 in the rural village of El Hato, above Antigua, and 1 international Montessori School in Antigua itself.  The 2 groups will work together to explore various themes through art including public space.    This time team Emmathon will be joined by Nicky of the Scottish branch to carry out the project.

Find out the latest here.

World Spirit

Started as a joint project between GCIN and UPP in 2011 but now has an identity all of it’s own.  This spring the community theatre group will be taking their specially devised play Rami and Janet into Schools around Scotland.  Stay tuned with what they’re doing at