What we do

A participants perspective on community

One students perspective on community

UPP aims to achieve its mission and goals by developing and delivering creative projects in collaboration with local community groups.  Most of our projects involve a partnership/exchange element through which 2 communities work together to exchange ideas and create.  Some are more focused on bringing a communities ideas and creations into the wider community.

Tools we use include:

  • Visual Art workshops and processes
  • Citizens Media workshops and processes
  •  multimedia blogging as a partnership tool
  •  Community issues workshops (generally utilizing Critical Pedagogy and prioritizing collaboration across groups)
  • Forum Theatre
  • Public Art work creation


We are currently working in Scotland, Palestine and the USA.   You can learn more about each location in our  UPP Branches section.  Many of our projects are carried out as inter-national partnerships between community groups from different places across the globe, but we also work to link community groups across regions and within local areas (one example of this is Dialogue for Destitution).


UPP utilizes art and media practitioners from the local community to facilitate workshops within communities, through which they can develop skills in art and media production, whilst actively promoting inter-cultural understanding through online tools.

With sustainability in mind, projects are usually delivered through established community centers and youth groups in the communities we work in, and we will seek to work with local practitioners.

We have run a variety of short projects, longer projects and on-going projects.  Check out the projects section to find out a bit about each.

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