Mission Values Goals

We are a network of art, media, and education practitioners and activists dedicated to the promotion of Community Art and cross-cultural dialogue across geographically-separated, global youth communities. We develop and deliver programs through which international youth groups share and learn about each other’s lives, contexts and stories with multimedia blogging. Each of these discursive workshops culminates with the creation of a piece of public art in response to the interaction.

UPP Values and Goals

UPP values the voices and perspectives of young people and aims to challenge negative representations of young people which delegitimize their role in the community and dis-empower them.

UPP values the capacity of young people to express them selves creatively and aims to channel the creative spirit of young people into dialogues which transcend geographical barriers and the structural limitations of the environments young people find themselves within.

UPP values critical exploration of mainstream representations and global issues and aims to provide contexts in which young people can express themselves fully.

UPP values the participation and decision-making capacity of young people and aims to include them at all levels of the project.

UPP values the capacities of local individuals and communities, and aims to facilitate a project which utilizes such capacities, prioritizing local knowledge and expertise over imported knowledge and expertise.

UPP values grassroots community activities, and therefore aims to prioritize partnership and collaboration at a grassroots level over partnership at institutional level.

UPP values the environment we work in and aims to include environmental awareness in all aspects of project execution.

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