Spot light on a volunteer: Mohammad Opasi, UPP Nablus Coordinator

Mohammad Opasi joined the Unfinished Picture Project team in December 2011 as the Nablus Coordinator. Since coming on board he has brought on board and has had a significantly positive impact on the relationship UPP has with its partner in Nablus, the Palestine Working Women’s Society for Development and the capacity UPP Nablus has for international dialogue.

Mohammad, who is 21 and currently in his 3rd year at An Najah University studying Business Administration, has a long history of contributing to his community, through voluntary educational posts but also playing an active role as a leader amongst his fellow students as a member of the student union council and as a volunteer with the university’s public relations office.  Based on his track-record and his enthusiasm for community engagement, we were very keen to have him on our team.

Since joining UPP Nablus, Mohammad has re-established a close working relationship with the Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development; he has brought in 3 new practitioners with artistic backgrounds and plenty of experience; and finally his positive attitude has motivated loads of new young participants to join our projects.

Mohammad has also been highly active in championing our new online platform for cross-cultural dialogue and media sharing (, and in engaging across (often challenging) borders, roles and time zones!  It’s been a pleasure to work with Mohammad and we look forward to seeing what UPP Nablus will achieve with his coordination!


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