About The Unfinished Picture Project

The Unfinished Picture Project is a network of art, media, and education practitioners and activists dedicated to the promotion of community art, popular education and cross-cultural dialogue.

We work within, alongside and between communities to engage in collaborative projects which are critical and creative, promoting the establishment of cross cultural dialogue.

UPP aims to achieve its mission through a combination of tools, including creative workshops, community engagement, social media and the creation/performance of public arts and interventions in the community.

Projects incorporate the following components:

  • Cultural-Exchange
  • online media component
  • critical research – based on a selected theme
  • art/media creation

Projects aim to utilize and link up the capacities of local communities to facilitate projects, be it local organizations, practitioners, or resources.   Go to the projects  or news section to get an idea of some of the work we’ve been doing.

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  1. I will be happy to donate work for this project!

  2. John Affolter

    As an artist and high school teacher with a background in group projects, I am interested in volunteering but need more information about the logistics. How much time, when, where,involvement etc.

  3. Maggi Sale

    With a foot in both camps of Glasgow and Dumfries: a grandmother of 9 young people; and lots of previous involvement with VSO and Global Exchange, I am happy to assist and support in practical ways.

  4. get in touch and we’ll figure out how to get you involved!

  5. michele frye

    Retired physician(pediatrics, psychiatry,addiction medicine) , mother
    don”t know where I fit in but I believe in cause.

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